Sikshacloud is a School Management Software/System designed and developed by NextPage Software Solutions. Handling a school and its functionality involves a huge amount of man power and hassle. To optimise this hectic work Sikshacloud has been designed. This not only automates the manual work but also provides a most eaier way to handle school tasks. The Motto of it is to bring revolution in education system and help managent to create a "Paper Less Environment". With a various number of modules, Sikshacloud plays a vital role in handling Academics, Administrational and Managiaral works at time. Now enjoy the way you run the school and leave the rest of mechanical job to us. Join Us to experience a leap in your growth.


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Docsam is an online E-Learning platform for the students who are intended to prepare for various examinations like NEET, JEE etc., DOCSAM is similar to profound e-learning platforms like byjus. User can purchase desired courses and start learning online anywhere anytime. DOCSAM involves video tutorials, mock tests, descriptive materials etc.,


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PV High School

PV High School is one of the top schools in Medchal, Since 30 Years PV High School has nourished many children into professional individuals. Over a thousand students we strive to provide best education including co-curiccular and extra-curricular activities which brings on an All Round Development in the Child.

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